Welcome To Think Renewables

Think Renewables (TR) is focused on three main business lines: Knowledge Delivery Systems, eStations and sales of Afghan products through eCommerce.  

Education Hotspot

There are three knowledge delivery system models.  Shown on the left is an example of a low cost knowledge delivery system called an Education Hotspot.   Each knowledge delivery system includes a large eLibary that can serve up educational content to a range of devices including computers and smart phones via WiFi or ethernet; and do so with using the Internet.  Conferencing eStation

There are four eStation models.  Shown on the right is a Conferencing eStation (Ces) which is designed to provide a more reliable way to communicate, even when power and Internet service is intermittent.  Here are links to Download Brochures in PDF Format: EnglishDari and Pashto 

All of these models can be supplied with an appropriate solar power kit when requested.

We are also developing a online eCommerce business and have started with an online shop for artwork produced by the Afghan Children Education and Care Organization (AFCECO).    As well, there is an online shop for sales of products in Afghanistan that we are managing with our Afghan Partner, Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS).

Along with online shops, we have eCatalogs that you can download to your iPhone or Android smartphone.  These eCatologs contain pictures and information about selected products and allow you to purchase these products quickly in “text only” mode.   

Given below is an example piece of art that we have showcased at: www.afceco.org/artworks and made available for sale through the AFCECO online shop at: afceco.thinkrenewables.com/afceco-art.

AFCECO Art         



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